Gender Inequities in Sports


I have a Kinesiology presentation next week where I’ll need to talk about 20 minutes about Gender Inequities in Sport.

My topic is:: Gender-based inequities in sport

-You should give a general overview of my topic at the beginning of the speech.

My focus statement is (main idea): Gender inequities in sports have a clear financial link due to the visibility rate of gender on media.

-You should mostly focus on my focus statement during the presentation, after giving the general overview in the intro. 

I have the timing breakdown of my presentation ready. I’ll attach it below (it has some beneficial links you can use). Moreover, I have some beneficial documents that I’ll also attach.

My presentation may include, but is not limited to the following:

    Small group activities
    Large group activities
    Games (with a purpose!)

I need to spend at most 5 minutes doing one of these above. I thought about doing a discussion but if you find a more creative way, please change it and write me the details. My class consists of 13 students. Please think about an activity we can do about this presentation.

I’ve also attached the rubric for this assignment “Seminar Rubric.docx”. Please look at it and aim for the highest score in each of the categories.

Please follow my timing breakdown/ outline while writing my script. It’s name is “Seminar Outline.docx”.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to text me.

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