Solving a Problem in your community

Our everyday lives are filled with problems to be solved. On our commutes to work and college, there is often too much traffic, and public transportation may be unreliable or expensive. At work, we may struggle to attract new customers, improve a flawed product or service we offer, or to contain costs. In our neighborhoods, we may notice that public spaces like parks are neglected and needed services are lacking. In our families, we may find that our children are struggling at school or relatives are suffering from diseases that ought to be preventable.

One of the best ways to make positive change is to write about the problem and offer possible solutions that can be enacted by leaders or communities. This is precisely what you’ll be doing in this writing assignment. This week, you will begin working on a problem-solution essay that will be due in Week 6, followed by a presentation in Week 7.
Choosing a Topic

For your initial post, please answer these questions.

    What is the problem? What proof do you have that it exists? Is it getting worse?
    Why should your audience care? How does the problem affect them?
    What is your tentative claim or thesis? Example: “We need to change/fix/improve/….”
    How would you solve the problem? What are a few possible solutions?
    Which solution do you think is likely to be the best? (It is ok if your answer is tentative.)
    What is your call to action? What do you want people to do?

Then, based on your answers to these questions, create a simple outline following this template.

    Introduction and explanation of the problem
    Identify the problem
        Background and history of the problem
            Solution one: pros and cons
            Solution two: pros and cons
            Solution three: pros and cons (as needed)
        Final recommendation
        Call to action

Later in the week, as a second post, locate a quality source related to your topic and summarize it in your own words. In your third and any subsequent posts, provide helpful feedback to your fellow classmates.

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