Stroke prevention

Assignment 1: Application Patient Education on Stroke Prevention
A stroke is a serious disorder that impacts patients quickly requiring immediate intervention and treatment. Due to implications of this disorder patient education is essential for patient populations at an increased risk of stroke. According to the National Stroke Association up to 80% of strokes can be prevented in patients (National Stroke Association 2012). For this reason it is essential that you provide patients with the education and tools necessary to reduce their risk as well as identify signs and symptoms of strokes. In this Assignment you have the opportunity to give back to your practicum site by creating media to educate patients about stroke prevention. When designing patient education media such as flyers posters and music it is important to consider strategies that meet the needs of the patient population you treat at your practicum site.
Note:This Assignment is the focus of the weeks Discussion and should be completed and ready to post byDay 4.
To prepare:
To complete:
Design a media piece to educate patients on stroke prevention. You may create a flyer poster or any other media that is suitable for your patient population.
This Assignment is due. Prior to your final submission be sure to use the feedback your colleagues provide in the Discussion to further refine your stroke prevention media.
Discussion: Stroke Prevention Media
Note:You will complete this weeks Discussionafteryou complete Assignment 1 of this week
In this Discussion you provide and receive feedback on the stroke prevention media created in this weeks Assignment. This exchange between you and your colleagues is an opportunity to practice your interprofessional collaboration skills which are an essential rudiment of nursing practice. In clinical settings you must be able to articulately express your thoughts and communicate with colleagues. This Discussion is designed to help you improve this skill as well as encourage you to listen to your colleagues and acknowledge that all views are valid and worthy of consideration. As you review the stroke prevention media piece created by your colleagues keep the best interests of the specific patient population in mind. Use the feedback you receive to refine your own stroke prevention media prior to submitting the final Assignment in Week 11.
Post:A description of the stroke prevention media piece that you created. Include the details of your educational media and if possible a copy of the actual media piece. Explain why you selected the particular type of media and how and why it is suitable for your patient population.

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