Respond the essay with 6 Qs

1) Describe how the introduction captured your interest or suggest ways to improve:Reviewers comment:2) What is the argumentative thesis statement of the paper (Claim + Reason)? If not evident in the introductory paragraph suggest ways to improve:Reviewers comment:3) Comment on the researched support given to the argument. Are examples from these texts satisfactory? Which quotes worked bestto support thesis?Reviewers comment:4)Describe the effectiveness of how the sources used for support aresynthesized by supporting pointsin the body paragraphs?Reviewers comment:5)What opposing points are presented and how well are they refuted? Can you think ofopposition the writer did not consider?:Reviewers comment:6) Describe how well the main points of the paper are summarized in the conclusion and how the writer reminds readers of position taken on the controversy explored in the essay:Reviewers comment:

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