Outline – African American Literature

You must list your working thesis at the top of the page, separately from the outline. Even though this is an outline of the proposed essay, it must be a complete and thorough structure for your fully developed thesis and argument. The outline should frame the essay, so it should reflect introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion as the main bullets.  The sub-bullets will contain the supporting ideas and evidence.  You may write either in phrases or complete sentences for the outline.

The Excelsior OWL guide for outlining is available here https://owl.excelsior.edu/research/outlining/.  Your outline is the traditional outline, and the step for “See it in Practice” will be helpful for you in developing the outline.

The guide for Drafting & Integrating https://owl.excelsior.edu/research/drafting-and-integrating/ will also be helpful for you later, in drafting your essay from your outline.

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