Leadership essay 1

Review and research the below case study and write a 3-5 page essay answering the questions provided that relate to the case study. You MUST back up all of your claims with evidence from experts in the field using APA style referencing. You must use a minimum of 3 outside sources for this paper. (For APA information please visit: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/). You will be graded on the content of your answer the reasoning/argument you make between the theory and the facts of the case study as well as writing (grammar and punctuation).
How Leaders Emerge During Challenging Times
Great leaders dont reach the height of success without facing their share of minor challenges and major crises. In fact most outstanding leaders would say that working through difficulties made them even better. A truly great leader will rise to the top in troubling times when difficult decisions are made and decisive action must be taken.
Outstanding business managers can take a potentially disastrous situation and not only prevent it from becoming worse but turn it into a positive outcome for the company. A leader uses a variety of leadership traits when taking an organization through turbulence.
It takes someone with a clear vision and unstoppable fortitude to lead an organization through its worst times whether they involve economic troubles public relationsnightmares or product failures. The following case study demonstrates how a great leader overcame serious difficulties.
Case Study #3: Toro
Toro the lawn equipment manufacturer is accustomed to lawsuits due to the inherent hazards associated with using its machinery. During the late 1980s the company was facing major financial troubles and put Ken Melrose in place as CEO. One of his first successes was reducing the companys cost of lawsuits by implementing a new mediation policy and invoking an important leadership trait: empathy.
Prior to Melroses tenure Toro faced about 50 lawsuits every year involving serious injuries. He decided to switch to mediation to address product liability claims. This approach included sending a company representative to meet with people injured by Toro products as well as their families. The goal was to see what went wrong express the firms sympathy and attend to the familys needs. One result of the new mediation policy was a 95% rate of resolving the companys claims along with significant cost savings.
Great leaders recognize problems and do what it takes to overcome them. They are open and empathetic and let their values guide their actions. Why is this often an overlooked quality in leaders? Why is in important in good leadership?

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