1.Write a 1000wordessay.
2.A formal outline followingAPA format must be submitted first either in class or email.
3.Final copy must be submitted toLivetext.
4.Topicon a political global issue relating to justice and injustice. Professor approves topic.(no abortion marijuana drinking age)
5.Essay should includeintroductionwith a thesis statementwith the issue stated.
6.Bodyincludesthe different opposing viewpoints.
7.Conclusionincludes: restate thesis summary ending tie-in to introduction reflection.
8.Two-four sources from the college library database.The sourcesmustbe cited correctly using theAPAformatas aReferencespageat the end ofthepaper.
9.These sources are the beginning of your annotated bibliography.
10.Synthesispaper willexamine and analyze the different points of view from the research and fuse with your ideas on the topic.
11.No first person I point of view.Paper is in third person.
12.How does this connect to freedom equality justice and power?Howis it important to society and howdoes it affect society?

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