Immigration Borders

The instructions are as follows. This is also based off an outline already made. That is attached below.

a. Write a 7-8 page paper (not including references) that includes the following
i.    Introduction with argument (including an abolitionist approach to sanctuary). Sample argument: In this paper, I argue that a segment of media representation of immigrants after the Biden inauguration focused on _____. This representation drew on ideas of [insert your concepts you plan to utilize]. I propose that an abolitionist approach to sanctuary (Paik, 2020) would _______.
In the introduction you an include a bit of context, though make sure you cite any information you discuss (you can cite news articles, etc)
ii.    Body paragraphs where you work to prove your argument. As you bring in your concepts, make sure to define them. i.e. when you bring in abolitionist approach to sanctuary define it.
iii.    Conclusion
iv.    A complete reference list, appropriately formatted that includes your 5 images and your 8 scholarly sources (4 from class and 4 external) and any other sources.
v.    Appendix of your 5 images (copy and paste at the end of the document)

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