Global Media Trend Project (600 Words)

1. Find a TV Series or Film about South Africa 2. Write a critical review of how the country is portrayed in this series or movie Things to consider. Does it represent Fact or Fiction Which sectors of society are included/excluded? What kind of gender roles are depicted? Are there any stereotypes that are reinforced by the show/media or does it challenge stereotypes? Who owns or commissions the show and how does this impact the quality, content and points of view? 3.Give examples
Solution Preview:

The anti-apartheid movement that continued in South Africa for long had been explicitly projected in the movie, “Sarafina.” In terms of the anti-apartheid movement it can be said that, “The iconic struggle between the apartheid regime of South Africa and those who resisted it illustrates the complexity of some cases of civil resistance. Originally the use of civil resistance against apartheid was based on Gandhian ideas, which originated in South Africa in 1906 where Gandhi was a lawyer working for an Indian trading firm” (Kurtz, 2010).

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