Crossrail – The Elizabeth Line – By Crossrail Ltd

Crossrail – The Elizabeth Line – By Crossrail Ltd

Suggest an outline approach for the management of infrastructure projects/programmes in Crossrail’s setting

In the fifth and final learning journal section submission, I would like you to take the time to reflect and summarise all of your learning on the concepts in this module. You should do this by focusing on an outline of an approach for the management of projects and/or programmes in Crossrail. Week 5 submission should be a reflective piece that should really communicate how the learning on this module helped you to think about your reference setting. I will not prescribe a specific format for the final learning journal because I want you to be creative in how you express your ideas. However, here are some guidelines for it.

You can think of the final submission as an executive summary of the points and considerations you would hand out to the government or other public or private client to help them make strategic decisions about project planning and delivery.

In that sense, it is important that you clearly communicate your ideas and formulate them as recommendations for decision making practice.

Please make sure that your advice is backed up by relevant ideas that we specifically covered and discussed in this module rather than providing generic advice.

Use literature to back up your thinking – which includes in text citations and references.

Whilst you are expected to use referencing to back up your ideas keep in mind that the focus of the final learning journal is not an elaboration of ideas from literature (you did this in learning journals 1-4) but a concise application of your learning to your setting of choice.

Finally, please focus on your reference setting, rather than providing an overview of literature and theoretical ideas and concepts.

Please use attached readings

e book:

I will also attach the readings you need, ONLY USE THOSE, and will upload week 1,2,3,4 learning journals with professor’s feedback, so you know what to do and what not to do.

Part 5, don’t introduce the company anymore, because I will use this submission to compile them all together at the end, so make sure the flow is similar

journals are labeled as Week1, Week2,Week3,W4, you get the jist

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