Assignment: A Letter to the Board of Directors

Assignment: A Letter to the Board of Directors
Decisions involving capital expenditures often require managers to weight the costs and benefits of different options related to the same goal or project. For instance deciding whether to replace repair or do nothing to existing equipment is a capital expenditure decision that involves calculations projections and deliberations. Managers must be able to quantitatively analyze different options for capital expenditures to make the best decisions for their organization.
For this Assignment review the information in the scenario presented. You will utilize the information in this weeks resources and media to make a recommendation regarding a capital expenditure.
Garrison Appliances Inc
Garrison Appliances Inc. is considering expanding its international presence. It sells 25% of all the toaster ovens sold in the United States but only 3% of the toaster ovens sold outside of the United States. The organization believes that it can sell more of its product if it has a production facility located overseas. Estimates concerning two possible locations Mumbai and Bangalore India follow:
Possible Location Mumbai Bangalore
Initial cash outlay $5000000 $2800000
Useful life 20 years 20 years
Net cash inflows excluding depreciation $1100000 $860000
The cost of capital 9% 9%
Tax rate 40% 40%
The Assignment:
Part 1: Prepare a spreadsheet using Excel or a similar program in which you compute the following for each proposed location
Accounting rate of return on investment
Net present value
Internal rate of return
Note: Be sure to view the media for this week before starting this Assignment.
Part 2: Utilizing Word or another word processing software program prepare a written report for the Board of Directors. The intended audience is clear from the salutation and the language used throughout the report.
Include a detailed and thorough explanation of the conclusion you reached regarding the feasibility of each proposal supported by the calculations prepared in Part 1.
Explain at least five non-financial items (e.g. culture language etc.) which may impact the perceived desirability of each location.
Select the one location you recommend the Board invest in. Explain your rationale in precise and detailed language.

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