Written Activity #4

Written Activity #4: Race & Pandemics:

WHY DOES ANTHROPOLOGY MATTER?  Shanti Parik and Agustin Fuentes will be helping us to answer that question this week.  The world, it seems, could benefit from a more anthropological perspective.  What is anthropology, what kinds of questions or issues does it raise for you, and how are the skills applicable?  What is the “Big Question” that interests you?  This is what we are ultimately getting to.

Objective: To think about the holistic approach using science, emergent controversies, and belief as a springboard; examine the benefits of bringing anthropological perspectives and methods outside of the academy
Outcome: Discussing – and writing about – the ethics, benefits, and pitfalls of bringing an anthropological approach to wider publics and controversial debates e.g. RACE AND POWER.

Part I:  READ

First, read the following:
Fuentes (2011) Part II Ch. 4 pp. 65-113.


In one post of 500+ words, answer the following questions based upon Dr. Parik’s lecture and Fuentes (2012) Ch. 4

You are tasked with learning from these two public scholars so that we may apply their strategies to our own work, and perhaps even improve upon them (if we’re feeling that bold):
1. Analyze how Parik and Fuentes debunk myths on race and viruses.  Can you figure out their narrative strategies here (eg. hooks, structure, etc)?
2. What kinds of data and stories do they present, and is it convincing?
3. What did you learn from the materials that you didn’t know before?

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