Writing Assignment: Descriptive Analysis Paper (short format video)

Writing Assignment: Descriptive Analysis Paper (short format video)
Choose a short format video-based performance, film,  commercial, music video, live performance, etc.  (somewhere in the 3-7 min range).

Use Description and Analysis to locate physicality, movement themes, gender codes, character/role, narrative, etc. as it relates to themes of Masculinities broadly.  Consider the context or time period from which it was create, the style and aesthetic of the artist, etc. in order to situate the work in its own right, and in relation to your contemporary reading of its codes and aesthetics. 

Use 12-point font, times new roman (or other common font style) and use proper citations (in MLA style) for any textual references to readings from class, the video you are analyzing, and/or any related references, reviews, critiques, interviews, etc. that you may discover in your analysis. 

Reference within the text for direct quotes or paraphrasing, and use a brief ‘works cited’ list at the end of the paper.  (for examples of MLA citations you can google MLA format or reference my bibliography connected to the syllabus).

Have fun with it, don’t stress.

Please submit before Friday Apr. 16th at 5:00pm so we can discuss your writing exercise in class together.  This is in addition to the other readings assigned for the week and your usual talking points for those.

Email if you have any questions.

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