Write an essay about the novel “The Namesake” by Jhumpa Lahiri

“The Namesake” by Jhumpa Lahiri

What is the role of Bengali cultural practices and rituals in the development of one or two characters in The Namesake? The topic can be re-worded like this: How and why can strict cultural traditions and rituals play a positive OR negative role in the life or growth/development of young adults such as Gogol? A strong essay will have a thesis that takes a firm position (that is, it argues clearly whether the impact is positive or negative and states why). In the case of Gogol, for example, what happens to him (positively or negatively) as a result of rigid cultural practices and familial expectations?

DO NOT read external sources or research this essay topic. Your work must be COMPLETELY ORIGINAL, and your body paragraphs should have supporting evidence by way of quotes and examples from the novel. You will have this week to formulate a thesis and start locating your quotes and examples from the novel.

Essays cannot pass if they don’t have thesis statements that fully, directly, and logically answer the prompt.

Essays cannot pass without supporting evidence by way of quotes and examples from the novel in ALL body paragraphs. Quotations must be introduced, explained, analyzed, punctuated properly, and connected to the overall argument. NO EXTERNAL SOURCES.

Essays must show logical organization.

Please pay attention to Audience. This refers to academic tone. Do not use you/your or first person I.

Grammar and MLA format are very important to receiving a good grade.

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