Write a summary for four chapters each chapter in a separate paper. I ll attach an example…

Write a summary for four chapters, each chapter in a separate paper. I’ll attach an example paper for the writer to view.You are required to keep a response journal throughout the termto record your thoughts about the assigned readings. The journal will not be graded for the mechanics of your writing, but for the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of your responses. The journalis a place for you to write any findings in the readings and things you want to discuss. Use it to brainstorm, to make connections, to start to formulate your opinions about pertinent issues in creating great graphic design. You should have at least a page of writing for each assigned chapter. Most of the time you will have more. The journal will also help you prepare for our class discussion about the readings. Remember that the text is geared to make you a better designer and to help you expand the vocabulary of what makes design work or not. Be sure to address how the material will affect your graphic design.For summary entry:1. Provide a summary of the reading and be prepared to discuss all thetouchpointthat there are questions for.2. Write any terms that the author used that you were not familiar with. You should also note the definition of these terms.3. Write at least one question that you had about the reading.4. What is your opinion/reaction to the text? What did it make you think about? How can this chapter affect your work as a designer?I expect a good level in writing and verity of using transitions words.

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