Write a 1 400- to 1 750-word paper comparing and contrasting data-collection methods used in…

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper comparing and contrasting data-collection methods used in ethnographic studies, phenomenological studies, and narrative histories. Address the following: What types of problems would lend themselves to these kinds of studies?What are the issues that researchers face when collecting data using these designs?
Data Collection Paper RES/341 The researchers concluded in their investigation that there is a pattern of events during the course of real estate investments during certain years demographically within the United States. Investors who made investment in California, Illinois, and Ohio, between the years 1975 and 2008 paid a higher market value on homes; some market values fluctuated from 0.09% up to 0.128% during those years. The researcher also concluded that there was an inconsistence in the data of market prices during those years taking the average prices form price the data sets will reflect the inconsistences in the frequencies in that data set from the year periods from 1975 to 2005at starting at $141.316.67, $125.000.00, $125.900.00, 139.900.00, 147.400.00, 154.300.00 ending at 155.400.00 for a 3 to 6 bedroom homes only the average of home sold in that year was 6 for the markets price of $141.316.67 From the years 2005 through 2008 the market values fluctuated from the average number of prices $188.020.00, 164.100.00, 166.200.00, 166.500.00, 171.600.00, 172.400.00, 172.700.00, 173.100.00, 173.600.00, 173.600.00, 175.000.00, 175.600.00, 175.600.00, 176.300.00,177.100.00,179.000.00,179.000.00,180.400.00,182.400.00,182.400.00,182.700.00,186.700.00,188.300.00,188.300.00,188.300.00,,189.400.00,190.100.00,192.200.00,192.600.00,192.600.00,192.9000.00,194.400.00,198.300,198.900.00m198.900.00,199.000.00,199.800

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