write a 1-2 page essay

Write a 1-2 page essay (in MS Word .doc format) – including a small photo if you want – and submit it as an attachment . The essay should be about a volunteer service that you have recently completed or would be willing to complete that relates to LOCAL topic(s) in your area that are intertwined with material you’ve learned in class. Ideas: join a friend of group volunteer to educate visitors or students at a museum write a letter to a manager or senator to protect resources etc – anything that is volunteer work and is related to a topic covered in class.
I would like to see information about the place(s) you volunteer for and your volunteer plan: how many hours you volunteer; where; with how many other people; a description of your volunteer service; a description of what volunteer service is needed there etc.If you haven’t already done a volunteer activity write about one you expect you will do in the near future.

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