Worksite Hazard Assessment

Unit III EssayWorksite Hazard AssessmentOSHAs Personal Protective Equipment Standard requires employers to assess the workplace to determine if hazards are present that necessitate the use of PPE. Based on the assessment appropriate PPE must be selected and provided to affected employees.Using Subpart I Appendix B as a guide develop a hazard assessment for your workplace or a workplace you are familiar with. If you work in an office or other non-hazardous location develop an assessment for an imagined industrial shop such as woodworking or metalworking. Use the other sections of Subpart I to help determine the appropriate PPE for each hazard. You can also use online safety equipment catalogs to find examples of PPE that meets the OSHA requirements.Your submission must be a minimum of two pages. References and citations in APA format should be provided to support the hazard determinations and PPE selection. The reference page does not count towards the two page minimum.Subpart I Appendix B is located at the following link:

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