Assignment Instructions

For this individual assignment, you will be assessed based on demonstrated evidence that you have read the lesson commentary, completed all reading assignments, viewed any video assigned  and competed any activity assigned. Furthermore, you will be assessed based on demonstrated evidence that you can synthesize lesson content, provide insights, draw conclusions and apply what you are learning in a cogently written manner. Briefly discuss the questions below (i.e., key takeaways):

Describe and discuss corporate social responsibility and sustainability.
Describe the relationship between an organization and its external stakeholders.
Discuss the potential leadership role HR practitioners can play within an organization relative to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability and specific HRM practices that can be leveraged.
Discuss in detail the following questions. You will be assessed based on demonstrated ability to self-reflect, self-examine, and write in a cogent manner.

What did your learn about yourself from this lesson?
What’s important about what you learned?
What are you going to do with what you learned? Please be specific and avoid providing a generic response.

Required readings:
Chapter 9: Corporate Social Responsibility

Ardichvili, A. (2013). The Role of HRD in CSR, Sustainability, and Ethics: A Relational Model. Human Resources Development Review, 12(4), pp 456-470.

Go to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals website. (Links to an external site.)
Review the 17 goals to transform our world. Click on each individual goal and review.
Then click on About, Sustainable Development Agenda, and review FAQs.

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