Why everyone should try the vegan diet

Formal Requirements:

Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
10-12 pages
10-12 sources
MLA documentation
The Assignment:

You will need to make an argument about food. You will need to focus on a specific argument about how food impacts the world. Specifically, we will be talking about food as it relates to culture, health, business, science, and history. You may, of course, choose to focus your research paper in one of these areas too, or you can explore a different food connection.

Multiple students may select the same food ideas because your arguments about the texts and ideas will be original and different.  You will need to do thorough research on this aspect of food, food preparation, or food consumption.

You will write a 10-12 page researched paper that includes:

A thorough description of the necessary background
Your analysis of the food issue and its role in your argument
A detailed and clearly supported argument connected to class material
Remember, this paper is a researched argument.  You cannot simply state your opinion about why you like or dislike an author, text, or idea.  Your thesis (and ultimately your paper as a whole) should address why this topic is important in terms of food.  Be sure that the sources you use in the paper are correctly documented using MLA documentation.

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