What do the women in Sula say about the concept of womanhood and manhood? How does this align or differ from traditional concepts?

For this assignment, you will write a research paper. As usual, your paper is expected to conform to MLA 8 formatting standards. You are aiming to have a word count of around 2000 words before your works cited page.

Must align with my response: The women of the book Sula have various concepts of womanhood and manhood. The concept of womanhood is to simply get married, have & nurture your own kids, cook, clean, and love your husband. As for manhood, a man was expected to provide shelter for his wife and family, while being the head of the household with a job to support said family. These concepts, for the majority, align quite finely with traditional concepts. Especially since traditional concepts were derived from the early 20th century, which majority of the story takes place.

Also must begin with my thesis: As a woman, you should only be allowed to cook, clean, nurture your children, and make love to your husband. As the man, you should be the dominant leader, hardworking effortlessly through grime and discomfort, and be unnecessarily aggressive. Those are some of the few attributes that were incorporated into the concepts of womanhood and manhood in the past centuries. Interesting enough, those same concepts Toni Morrison chose to incorporate into her book Sula.

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