What are the phases of the overall IR development process? (P. 133)

1. What are the phases of the overall IR development process? (P. 133)
2. What are the general stages followed by the IRP team? (P. 133)
3. What are two external sources for how IRP is performed that were mentioned in this chapter? (P. 133)
4. What does the organizational phase of the IRP process begin with? (P. 134)
5. Who are the typical stakeholders of the IR process? (P. 134)
6. Which individuals should be assembled to form the IRP team? (P. 135)
7. What should be among the first deliverables created by the IR planning committee? (P. 136)
8. What is the primary function of the IR Policy? (P. 136)
9. In order to be effective what group is it essential to gain full support from? (P. 136)
10. What are the essential attributes of an IR policy document? (P. 136 – table)
11. What is an incident response plan (IR plan)? (P. 138)
12. What characteristics must be present if an adverse event is to be considered an incident? (P. 138) .
13. What are the three sets of time-based procedures that are often part of the IR planning process? (P. 139)
14. What is a reaction force in terms of IR planning? (P. 141)
15. What is an after-action review (AAR)? (P. 142)
16. What are the ways training can be undertaken for the CSIRT? (P. 144)
17. Briefly describe the strategies used to test contingency plans? (P. 145)
18. Briefly describe the possible training delivery methods? (P. 151)
19. When should the final version of the IR plan be assembled? (P. 152)

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