western religous

This assignment will be two pages in length and double-spaced. Students will be asked to answer TWO QUESTIONS, with approximately one pages devoted to the first question and one pages for the last question. This writing assignment will make up 15% of the total grade. It is to be submitted via Canvas on the day scheduled for the final examination.

Question 1: Compare and contrast how Judaism, Christianity, and Islam conceive of the aim of human life.  Items you may wish to discuss include: why God created human beings, how he intends them to live, how (or whether) God does anything to save them, how humans can reach their end in God, rituals and practices that will help them achieve that end.

Question 2: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all teach that the God reveals himself to humanity, but they each identify a different event as the primary center of revelation. Compare and contrast the primary locus of revelation in each tradition.

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