Week 9 Assignment COM 201

this goes with the outline  will attacch / just write a two minute speach

Special Occasion Speech Delivery and Self-Review
In this assignment, you will record the special occasion speech you outlined last week and submit a self-review.

Record your speech.
Use the Recording a Video instructions.
Refer to your outline or speaking notes to deliver a 12 minute speech.
Do not read your notes word for word.
After you have recorded your speech, watch the recording and complete the self-review with an eye on improvement and track your progress.
Use the Special Occasion Speech Self-Review Questionnaire [DOCX] for this portion of the assignment.
Submit your assignment.
Use the Submit Speech Assignment instructions.
Your speech will be graded on the following criteria:

Introduction. Gain your audience’s attention and interest and preview the main points.
Conclusion. Reinforce your central idea and finish with a strong closing.
Organization. Organize ideas with logical structure.
Technology use (online), speech clarity, and visual quality. Use technology effectively so that audio and visual quality are clear and consistent.
Time requirement. Be sure the speech meets the 12 minute time requirement.
Delivery. Deliver the speech with strong eye contact, an expressive voice, and good nonverbal communication (including gestures or other physical movements).
Overall effectiveness. Be sure your speech is effective by connecting well with the audience and be sure you have achieved its purpose.
Self-review is well developed.

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