Video refelction

Watched the recorded video and write a critique paper  (I am the first speaker in the video)

Opening and Closing Paragraphs
    Opening Paragraph: Provide a one or two-sentence overview of whom you spoke to and what they talked about. Also include elements such as: How did you feel going into the role play? What were your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and/or concerns going into the role play?
    Closing Paragraph: Do you notice any overarching themes? How do you feel moving forward into future role plays (e.g., confident, nervous)? What strengths might you want to hone in on in your future role-plays and where might you need to improve?

Assessment of Strengths
    Include reference to a specific exchange
    Name specific skills you did well on and provide specific examples that illustrate these strengths. For example, if your strength is using open-ended questions, make sure to provide examples of the open-ended questions that you used.

Assessment of Overall Skills and Peers Skills
    What skills did your listener and peers use? How effective were they in using these skills? What are their strengths and growth areas?

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