This essay will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned throughout the semester by writing a complete rhetorical criticism essay on the artifact that you have been working with throughout the semester.

Write a 6-page (1,500 word) essay in which you:

Introduce your artifact (title, speaker, date, occasion) and main argument
Provide relevant historical context regarding your artifact
Provide scholarly context regarding your specific artifact or type of artifact as appropriate
Identify and explain the critical method/search model you are using for your analysis
Construct an appropriate critical question regarding your artifact (this should reflect your chosen search model)
Apply your chosen critical method to your artifact (this should be the bulk of your essay)
Conclude your essay by summarizing your findings and explaining what your study contributes to our understanding of rhetoric
1,500 words minimum
Historical context
Scholarly context
Critical method
Analysis & interpretation
Appropriate in-text and bibliographic citations
Follows MLA or APA format (title page not needed)
Free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
Strategies for Success
Use your previous work on the historical/contextual analysis and annotated bibliography to inform your essay;
Draft early and revise often;
Look to the journal articles we have read this semester for examples of ways to structure your essay and engage with the historical and scholarly context;
Create an outline that follows the structure noted above and fill it in;

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