Using Performance Reports to Inform Organizational Decisions

Assignment: Using Performance Reports to Inform Organizational Decisions
Very often managers are called upon to make decisions by the numbers. In this Assignment you will sort through a budget report from the fictitious Honey Bear Confections (HBC) organization in order to make decisions about productivity levels.
HBC is a small organization dedicated to making bear-shaped sweets with honey as a sugar substitute. You have just been promoted to a position as manager of the production department at HBC when your supervisor shows you the following report. She tells you to get it fixed. You suspect she is alluding to a problem with productivity and efficiency.
For this Assignment review the Static Budget Report provided. Additionally you may find valuable information in your course text especially Exercise 6-3.
HINT: for more information about this see the Weekly Briefing and the Performance Report video.
Honey Bear Confections (HBC) Manufacturing Overhead Static Budget Report For the Month Ended June 20XX
The Assignment:
Part 1: Prepare a performance report using spreadsheet software such as Excel. Hint: Read the Weekly Briefing and watch the Performance Report video on this topic.
Part 2: For the next section of this Assignment please utilize a word processing software (such as Word) to complete the following:
Write a short memo to your supervisor explaining your findings and your recommendations.
In your memo as part of your recommendations take a position on the following: Do all the variance in this example need to be examined? Why or why not?
By Day 7
Submit your Assignment (both your Excel and Word files).
General Guidance on Assignment Length:
The memo portion of this Assignment will typically be 23 paragraphs in length as a general expectation/estimate for each bullet point. Refer to the rubric for the Week 2 Assignment for grading elements and criteria for the performance report and the memo. Your Instructor will use the rubric to assess your work.

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