Using DaoDeJing to Guide the mordern life

This is an outline I suppose to write about, you can modify it if you want. Besides, try to relate the paper with the text I upload or the DaoDeJing. Don’t copy from an online source, because this paper will be checked by
Topic: Using Wu- words to guide the young generation in modern life.

Thesis: The young generation will be benefited by following the Wu-forms in Daodejing: no naming, objectless desire, and spontaneous action.

It is symbolic for understanding Wu in Daodejing to express the Daoism thought in modern life.
Naming without fixed reference could help the young generation to eliminate the generation gap.
Making a living with non coercive action will bring more happiness to young people.
People with objectless desire will be more successful in their business.

Supporting Evidence:
Wu Ming: DDJ Ch 1, 25
Wu Wei: DDJ Ch 3
Wu Yu: DDJ Ch 3, 19

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