Unit lesson Plan

Write a several page (500 to 1000 words, 2 to 4 pages), early draft of your Project 2 Unit Lesson
Plan. This draft will be worth 30% of the Units mark (7.5% of the course grade). In the draft,
you should have an initial Unit Plan Summary that includes at least one of the expected two or
three (or more) lesson plans required to appropriately cover the weeks class sessions (to
complete the course unit).
At a minimum, each lesson plan should include the lessons learning outcomes; alignments to
the NGSS (the specified PE(s), DCI(s), SEP(s), and CCC(s)); assessment strategies; a script that
includes key questions, words, or phrases for each phase and transition in the lesson; required
prior learning; possible/anticipated issues and connections related to previous lessons; lists
(and locations) of required resources and plans for their management/distribution during class;
risk assessments, as needed; administrative tasks; and specifics regarding assigned homework
and associated assessment criteria.
Unit Lesson Plans should also incorporate one or more concrete way(s) for greeting and settling
the class; sharing the learning objectives and lesson outline(s); engaging student attention and
interest; keeping students actively engaged throughout the lesson (avoiding distractions or
dead time); sharing new ideas or topics; improving language and ICT skills; and providing
opportunities for students to discuss and assimilate new ideas. Also, plans should include
professional development targets for yourself as the teacher; activities for pupils to reflect on
what they have learned; plenary activities that reinforce the key learning points; ways for
students to anticipate the next lesson; mechanisms to acknowledge good student efforts and
noteworthy work behaviors; and a way to establish expectations/standards for future lessons.

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