Unit Paper #2
Using the Unit Paper Format, answer the following
Discussion Questions:
1. How did the strategies promoted by Booker T. Washington differ
from those of W.E.B. DuBois and the NAACP? Which were more
effective? Assess Washingtons contributions to the advancement
of Black people.
2. How did middle-class and prosperous Black people try to contribute
to progress for their race? What were some defining characteristics
of the Black Elite?
3. Why did most African Americans support U.S. participation in World
War I? How did African Americans contribute? Was the support
4. What factors contributed to race riots and major violence in the
World War I era and why was that violence so intense? Discuss
some of the major race riots of this period.
5. Why did African Americans begin to leave the rural South in the early
twentieth century, and what kinds of lives were they able to make for
themselves in urban communities? Describe H

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