Trauma In Education

This paper will be written from research found in professional sources and will be written for the purposes of exploring and examining current research regarding Trauma Informed Schools. Your paper should essentially answer three questions: What is trauma? How can a teacher identify trauma in their students? What are effective responses that teachers and schools can implement to help traumatized students? You may use two of the sources provided by the instructor in your research. You will write a paper of 1,000 1,600 words using at least 4 sources. The paper will be typed and will be assessed as to the coverage of the selected topic, resources utilized, conventions, and use of General APA guidelines. General APA guidelines are available at (Links to an external site.).  The paper will be assessed for content and mechanics by the instructor.

Please use the following format:

Title Page including course, course number, instructor, your name, date and title all centered.
Provide a thesis paragraph that explains the argument that you will present.
Provide supporting evidence or argumentation for your thesis based on the journal articles that you have read. Include direct quotations from each source as evidence.
Respond professionally as to how this research affects education in your conclusion.
Annotated Bibliography

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