Transforming organization

Read article “Uber Buys Postmates for $2.65 Billion – The New York Times” and write a summary. MUST include the reference from the “Organization Development and Change, 10th ed chapter 20. Thomas G. Cummings & Christopher G. Worley”, using APA format.

Marking Scheme for Article Review
1. Clear and succinct summary of the article, appropriate and correct sources cited.
2. Content :
– Useful prcis/ description/ summary of the article. Covers key points of article.
– Fair evaluation of article: based on content, not just presentation or liking/disliking.
– Reviewer relates the article to the textbook (i.e., include the reference to the textbook “Organization Development and Change, 10th ed. Thomas G. Cummings & Christopher G. Worley ” in your summary.)

3. Quality of the assignment:
– Clear and succinct summary
– Fair evaluation of the article
– Sources cited correctly
– No less than 250 words, 12 size font, single spaced, use APA format for citing sources

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