Theoretical Framework

Theoretical Framework Paper: A counseling theoretical framework is a theoretical
perspective that guides the counseling session. Typically, a theoretical
framework/perspective can be simply a theory or a general approach to understanding the
therapeutic process. With that being said, students will select a counseling theory and
apply that particular theory to a volunteer client. Your counseling theoretical framework
must be typed, doubled spaced, eight pages and APA format. The following
guidelines must be used when writing your paper:
1. Client Information: What is the clients age, gender, race, social economic status,  and marital status. What is the presenting problem(s)? Why did this client seek
2. Theoretical Approach to Counseling: What theory would you select for this
client? What would be particularly appealing to you in working with this
approach? Does this approach meet the needs of your client? How so? Does the
theory focus on thoughts, feelings, or actions (explain)?
3. Counseling Relationship: What would your relationship with your client look like
when working from this theoretical perspective? What is your role? The clients
role? Your responsibilities? The clients responsibilities? What is the ultimate
goal for this client?
4. Counseling Process: How would you envision working with a client with this
need? How would the counseling process evolve? What stages, mild-stones, or
marked events would you anticipate?
5. Counseling Techniques: Based on the theory you choose, what specific
counseling techniques would you want to use with this client? And Why?
6. Evaluate the Progress/ process: How will you know when the client is ready to
terminate? How will you evaluate whether counseling has been successful?
7. Counseling Implications: What are its strengths of using this theoretical
approach? What might be problematic for you and/or your client? How applicable is your theory to working with diverse clients? Is this approach cultural
appropriate/sensitive (explain)?
You may include additional information if you deem it necessary. You will be graded based on your ability to address all of the aforementioned questions, clarity, sentence structure, grammar, and APA

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