the political immigration and warfare crisis depicted in the film Sleep Dealer and how that skews viewers perceptions of such topics

In this activity, you will have the opportunity to read and review two essay proposals and to receive feedback on your own essay proposal. Peer editing is intended to you formulate you own ideas for the final paper while drawing on the insights of the class.

Step 1: Submit the essay proposal (600 words). In crafting your proposal consider the following:

What is the research question that you intend to address? Provide some context and background to how you arrived at the question(s) and why it is significant.

What is your preliminary thesis? Your thesis should address your research question.

Specify how you will go about making your arguments and presenting your claims.

What sources will you focus on? Discuss any selection of films and media that you will examine as well as theoretical texts and historical sources.

Provide a brief and preliminary bibliography of scholarly sources (4-6) that will be useful to your project. For the final essay, you will likely need to expand on this list.

Please let me know if you have any questions. (Sleep Dealer) film.

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