The NMC Horizon Project Paper

The NMC Horizon Project is a global ongoing research initiative that explores the trends, challenges, and technology developments likely to have an impact on teaching, learning, and creative inquiry.
You will select one of the Important Developments in Technology for the chosen area (K-12, Higher Ed, etc) and write a research paper introducing the selected emerging technology trend (I will attach my paper about the selected technology) and exploring its implications for education and learning in the near future. Please use the NMC Horizon report with at least 4 additional sources to submit a 6 page APA-formatted research paper that is written in a concise manner.  Students may choose the report that best fits their area of interest (K-12, Higher Ed, etc.).

(Reading material)
The New Medium Consortium. (2018). NMC Horizon. Retrieved from

1. Read pages 34 to 46 of the reading. (And read my paper about my selected technology that apply to this assignment pls.)
2. Select an important development to analyze and introduce in a 6 page research paper.
3. Follow APA format and write in a concise manner.
4. Cite at least four additional references besides The Horizon Report.
5. Review the Research Paper Rubric attached above.

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