the British Empire in the Gulf region

Example work of student:
In my opinion and research, Many citizens and countries experienced significant changes due to the British empire. Medical treatment, schooling, and railways were all affected by these reforms. In the 1800s, the British Empire struggled to end slavery, but it profited from it in the 1700s. But there’s also a negative effect which imperialism is a form of dominance that entails political and economic power over colonized territories. Imperialism may be caused by economic insecurity, political weakness, revolutions, and other causes. The goal of colonization may be to increase global power and influence, find a new source of raw materials, broaden one’s cultural horizons, and expand one’s spiritual horizons. The British colonization of the Arabian Gulf was the last one to dominate the region to achieve specific objectives, including protecting the existing trade routes with India. Although the Arabian Gulf has been safe for some time, colonialism’s effects can still be seen on political, economic, and social levels. Important to note that the influence of colonialism is not always negative; there are some positive effects, such as the economic ties between the United Kingdom and the majority of Gulf countries and the increase in education in these countries. On the other hand, colonization can often result in a preference for one country over another, as shown by the conflict between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates over borders and how Saudi Arabia acquired oil fields.

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