Tesla Scam

Please see attachment of instructions & articles on general theory which is what i am using and you can use. Slides are based of the TESLA SCAM, CEO of tesla: Elon Musk tweeted tesla was going private with funding secured which caused fluctuation in the stock market, false and misleading claims, Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) subpoenaed Musk. Below is a link on tesla scam:


Here was the full assignment below, I am completing part of part 2, it is a group assignment. Needs to be in short words not too much wording on slides and elaborate more while presenting in my own words, maybe you can provide something short to read off also to elaborate more while presenting. Thank You.

Introduction to Case Analysis Assignment & Presentation

These three organizational theories will form the basis of your case study:

Organizational Culture

Purpose of this assignment is to assist students in applying theoretical content to actual situations.  Organizations to be studied will be assigned.



The case is the actual history of the situation/organization involved.  Need to include details about the organization and how the situation unfolded.  Discuss the organizations leadership/management style; communication patterns; and culture. How did these concepts add to the problem?


Students will write an original analysis describing the organizational case.  Allow adequate time to write, read, and edit the case.  Differentiate facts from opinions.  Address the following questions when preparing this section of the analysis:

What was the problem? What happened? Include a timeline if appropriate.
What was/is the organizations leadership/management style? Did this contribute
                        in a positive or negative way to the case? Why? How?

What were/are the organizations communication patterns? Did this contribute in
                        a positive or negative way to the case? Why? How?

What was/is the organizations culture? Did this contribute in a positive or
                        negative way to the case? Why? How?

What was happening? And why was it allowed to happen?
What are the basic underlying issues and areas of concern?
What are the consequences of the case?
What role did the media play in this case? Was it fair, biased, etc. Why? Support


Students need to develop potential and realistic solutions for the case. The solutions proposed MUST be realistic within the terms of the organization. Please utilize the same organizational theories that permitted the case to develop. Please address the following when preparing this section of the analysis:

Proposed leadership/management style: realistic solution. Why was this one chosen? How can you affect change? What strategies would you outline? Ex: change of leader, sensitivity training, re-education, etc.
Proposed communication style: realistic solution. What patterns would you initiate? Why? How might this change prevent a similar issue from arising? How do you change patterns?
Proposed organizational culture change: realistic solution. What types of culture shift do you propose? Why? How would you begin to initiate this change?
Please discuss any additional trainings, education, or action that might be needed to prevent a similar situation in the future.
What potential solution(s) would you recommend to the media when covering such cases in the future?

Now that the case has been analyzed and solutions proposed, how, as nurses, do you factor into this situation? What are your roles regarding education, research, policy development and advocacy?


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