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he global economy is now reeling from the effects of the coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic. The long-term effects of this global health crisis are largely unknown but widely believed to be hugely negative. The vaccine now being deployed will help but there are large segments of the global population who will be left without coverage and even in developed countries the supply chain is uncertain. Yet there are reasons to believe that some sectors will benefit and even thrive if they are adroit enough to successfully manage the next 3 years.
Case Situation: You are a senior member of an international risk management firm. An important and long-standing client with significant operations in South Asia and Sub Saharan Africa has come to you for advice on the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their operations. The clients main business is light manufactured components for motor bikes, bicycles and certain car parts. Clearly there are supply chain and financial issues to consider but also workforce availability and quality as well as health concerns.
Your Assignment: Take a position on where your client should locate operations after January 2021 and what marketing plans should be implemented. The constraints on operations are such that the firm can only select a single location to serve markets in Africa and the Middle East as well as South Asia and Oceania.
Your case should follow these guidelines:
Include at least one graph developed in our course.
A narrative of 3 to 5 pages in length not including appendices
Have a title page and bibliography
At least 3 sources not including the text
Word processed using double spacing and a 12 point font

The purpose of the data exercises is to ensure that you are familiar with the methodology of collecting economic/financial data from the Web and analyzing it. These exercises include collecting the required data, creating a graph or table to present this information, and no more than three double-spaced pages of analysis of the data. Part of the purpose of the assignment is to teach you to write and present information concisely and to the point. Imagine that you are giving this to your boss or an important client and they will be able to devote only 7 minutes to reading your paper. What and how do you wish to communicate with them? Think about this question before you begin to write.
The point of view that you should take in addressing each topic is that your audience (see above) is ignorant of what this data represents and how it is measured. Your task is to explain your position on the British Exit and how it might impact the operations of your client.

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