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Discussion Question 1
MP is a sixty-five-year-old male who has recently retired. He is coming in today for a complaint about pain in his back knees and hips. He reports that he has been experiencing this pain for the past six months and he has been able to control the symptoms with OTC Advil. He describes the pain as stiffness and occasional shooting and aching pains radiating all over. He denies any swelling of his joints. However the OTC medications are not working well and he is here to see whether there are any other options he might try. On physical exam he has tenderness on palpation on the right and left hips and both knees are positive for crepitus. All blood work is within normal limits. Answer the following questions:
For medications include dosages and schedules. Include highlights of patient teaching and/or lifestyle alterations. Support your decisions with at least one reference to a published clinical guideline and one peer-reviewed publication.

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