SWOT Analysis

You will see it as homework 1. I want you to do a SWOT, and I want you to use the grid. Okay, I have a Word doc that’s going to be attached in your assignments part of the rubric, please use the word document grid, the four-by-four that we’ve used in class, okay? You can also use a page of description. So I want you to keep those bullet points tight in your, in your four grid. Want to keep them tight. I want them to be a maximum of two sentences per bullet point. Okay. So keep it tight. No more than two pages in total. One page can be your grid. The second page, maybe half-page, could be a clear description of what you’re trying to say, right? I went that grid to be very crisp, very short, very pithy. Alright, here’s what I want you to do. You’re the marketing manager responsible for the power wall, not the car’s not the cars. I’ll repeat this again. Not the cars. Tesla has a power wall product that is part of their solar division. Right? By the way, the power wall batteries are exactly the same. Powdery batteries is the one that goes into the cars, right? Pretty cool. Same lithium batteries. But you had a product manager for the power wall for home or industrial use to be clear, not cars. I don’t want to hear about the cars on this one. I want to hear about the power wall. So the power wall product line, Here’s a link to the power while product line. You’ll see that in the attachment and the lecture. Have a look, do some research. Good market research is always helpful, isn’t it guys learned about this a little bit. What’s going on out there right now? Who would the continents competition? What’s going on with rebates? What’s going on with the government? A lot of stuff going on right now with battery power and solar for home use. So you’re responsible to sell power walls present current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the power wall line, six bullet points per quadrant. Six bullet point. Please keep it to 62 sentences per bullet point. To keep it short, keep it crisp. If you need to write a lot more description, do it on your second page. All right. Opportunity should focus on new products, services and markets. New products, new services and new markets as well as external forces. Considering current and future competition. Who, who’s come in at me? What do I need to be thinking about? What are the trends going on, okay, that makes sense. Nice. Why you guys have done a couple of these now. He did one for self bridges. You’ve seen some good ones for Ben and Jerry’s. I want you guys to doing nice. What is the power wall not the cars power wall manager at Tesla?

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