Sustainable tourism 1

research two (2) tourism destinations in the United States. These can be large (ex. Las Vegas NV) or small (ex. Bozeman MT).
It is important to choose one location that appears to you on the surface to be a destination that strongly embraces sustainable tourism principles and then another one thatdoes not.
examine these two destinations in depth and gauge their implementation of environmental cultural and economic principlesof sustainable tourism.
Final analysis should include any revelations of how the destinations operate and do or do not apply principles of sustainability in their efforts. Remember focus on the principles of sustainability instead of the term sustainable tourism.
Sources/references and formatting requirements will be strictlygraded.
Minimum seven (7) sources required. A maximum of two (2) sources can be the tourism office/chamber/city etc. website representingeach location. Scholarly (textbooks or peer reviewed articles) strongly suggested.
*musst be 4 pgs

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