1. Why is there confusion (legally and in the eyes of consumers) surrounding terms used on labels (like all natural)?2. What is the definition of greenwashing? How does it apply both to companies and to everyday consumers?3. Is there a clear definition of a green product? Is there a clear definition of a green business?
4. When did pollution control really begin in this country?5. Define: biomimicry green chemistry and industrial ecology6. What was the ISO 14001?7. What is the eco-Hippocratic oath?8. Why is it more difficult to deal with environmental problems today than it was say in the 1960s?9. Throughout the book we heard time and time again that companies very often dont talk about their green initiatives. Why not?
10. What is LEED certification?11. What would the benefits be of company calling itself green?12. How trusting are consumers of companies green claims?13. What are some examples of what companies have done to go green?

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