Summarizing a reading

please read and respond to the following:


Read the ‘Introduction’ and Chapter 1.

Use the following as a Prompt. You don’t have to follow it exactly but use it as a guide:

I may have shared with you in class or perhaps in one of my blog pieces (here (Links to an external site.)) that I came to New York during the week of 9/11 in the shadow of a rising and frightening religio-racially inspired  Islamophobia, which continued to dominate news cycles for the next 15 years. Now, almost exactly two decades later, we have come to a situation in the USA where all three of the Intelligence services are saying that  “domestic white nationalist terrorism” represents an existential threat to the fabric of this country, as seen by the spate of killings of Asian Americans in Atlanta and elsewhere?  How did we get here (where fear of Islam is now replaced by fear of white nationalists)? Ought we to be worried?

The link is here:

And also please ask a question about the reading in the end

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