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Written assignment due on Practical Day: The essay adheres to word count limit (2500-3000 words). Paper is single spaced with 1- inch margins and 12 pt. Times New Roman Font.      Cover page must have  name, date course, instructor name, topic name.  Citation on the back page. No more than 8 pages.
What could happen if infectious airborne and blood pathogens invade your salon or spa setting.
How can you prevent infectious diseases from spreading in your salon?
What are the new state board rules update. Please include all hair skin and nail updates. Least  to the top (ten) 10.
Why is learning about Bacteria and infectious diseases so important? And how it can affect your salon or/spa.
What is the reason for the State Board? Why?
Last minute from state board meeting?
List at least 10 Salon and Spa that has been cited in the last 1 year and why? How much was the total cost of the citation?
What are the Selected EPA-registered Disinfectants?
Define EPAs Registered Sterilizers, Tuberculosiss, and Antimicrobial Products against Certain Human Public Health Bacteria and Viruses
Georgia State Board of Cosmetology laws, rules and policies may be found on our website at
Research the following: Explain and write a summary of each. 75 to 100 word  per items.
Sterilization. Amended  pop
Waste and Garbage. Amended
Cleaning and Recommended Disinfection of Implements  updated
Storage of Preparations
130-5-.07 Protective Clothing and Footwear for STYLIST  updated
1903.1 – Purpose and scope.
1903.2 – Posting of notice; availability of the Act, regulations and applicable standards.
1903.3 – Authority for inspection.
1903.4 – Objection to inspection.
1903.5 – Entry not a waiver.
1903.6 – Advance notice of inspections.
1903.7 – Conduct of inspections.
1903.8 – Representatives of employers and employees.
1903.9 – Trade secrets.
1903.10 – Consultation with employees.
1903.11 – Complaints by employees.
1903.12 – Inspection not warranted; informal review.
1903.13 – Imminent danger.
1903.14 – Citations; notices of de minimis violations; policy regarding employee rescue activities.
1903.14a – Petitions for modification of abatement date.
1903.15 – Proposed penalties.
1903.16 – Posting of citations.
1903.17 – Employer and employee contests before the Review Commission.
1903.18 – Failure to correct a violation for which a citation has been issued.
1903.19 – Abatement verification.
1903.20 – Informal conferences.
1903.21 – State administration.

Why would OSHA be called into you Salon and Spa?
Why should  you comply with state regulations on proper ventilation.
Why should you follow ALL state Laws on proper disinfection methods of equipment.
Why should you maintain a log book listing of dates and disinfection methods used?
Why should have demonstrate log book in place  on safety sanitation and disinfection. Why is this important?
Describe the purpose of Hazard Duty Standard Act compliance.
Why should you have MSDS Log Book?  Make A Sample of a log book totaling at least 10 MSDS sheets of product that you might use in the salon, example Bleach, Hand Sanitizer, Hair color, Shampoo and conditioner, Hair Spray, Gel, etc.
Why would OSHA come to your salon or spa?
Print off the application for your State Board License. Please keep this application, do not turn this in.

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