speech critique

The Stage 4 assignment for this course involves the written evaluation of a speech you observe. You are to choose a public presentation, either live or recorded and critique that speech for strengths and weaknesses in the areas of content (what is said) and delivery (how it is said).The requirements are as follows:

1.  The speech itself can be any length, but the actual written evaluation must be at least 2 full, typed, double-spaced pages.

2.  Examples of speeches can be sermons, political speeches, motivational speeches, campus speakers, etc. and may be evaluated live and in-person, or audio-visually recorded. (Just audio recordings do not count since you need to evaluate the non-verbal aspects of gestures, body movement, posture, etc.) I would recommend TED talks on YouTube if you want a place to start.

You may use the categories listed on the sample speech evaluation found below.  focus on critical content and delivery areas to write about.

Add references

examples of what to evaluate speaker on:

STAGE 5: SPEECH EVALUATION FORMSpeaker’s Name:    ______________________I.  CONTENT AREA:COMMENTS:Introduction:_______Attention getting:Orients topic to audience:Credibility Statement:Central Idea:_______Clearly stated: Linking statements:Body:_______Main issues clear:Personal Definition of CX:Clear supporting material:Conclusion:_______Clear summary:Strong closing statement:Outline Organization:_______II.  DELIVERY AREA: Language:_______Clear, concise, colorful:Presentational Aid:_______ Clear, purposeful:Credibility: _______ Quote sources:Communicativeness: _______  Eye contact:Vocal & Physical Effectiveness:_______ Volume, rate, gestures, posture:Additional Comments:Content Total:      _______Delivery Total:    _______ Time Penalty:      _______Format Penalties  _______ Time Total:  _________TOTAL GRADE:  _______

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