South Asia

Choose the question you are comfortable with

Section 1: Please choose one of the following questions and write a one- one and a half page response essay. 50 points

1. “Our enemies, among whom I regret to say, there are still some Muslims, have set about actively encouraging provincialism in the hope of weakening Pakistan, and thereby facilitating the re-absorption of this province into the Indian Dominion…. A flood of false propaganda is being daily put forth with the object of undermining the solidarity of the Mussalmansof this State and inciting the people to commit acts of lawlessness. The recent language controversy … is only one of the many subtle ways whereby the poison of provincialism is being sedulously injected into this province…. Is it not significant that the very persons who in the past have betrayed the Mussalmans or fought against Pakistan … should now suddenly pose as the saviors of your just rights and incite you to defy the Government on the question of language? “- Jinnah Comment on the attitude of Jinnah and other West Pakistani politicians and administrators towards Bengali language and what were it’s repercussions?

2. “Our struggle, this time, is a struggle for our freedom. Our struggle, this time, is a struggle for our independence. Joy Bangla!” – Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. What were the reasons for East Pakistani’s disaffection from West Pakistan and what role did Mujibur Rahman play in the creation of Bangladesh.

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