South Asia environmental migration wave

I need a full research paper within 12 hours; it needs to be around 25-30 pages long, from cover to bibliography. The introduction itself is already written, plus the main research question and sub-research questions. Furthermore, the table of contents has already been given, I just need someone to write it for me. If you think the sub-research questions could be better considering the main research questions, change it at will, but then also change the explanation of the process. Please dont change the main question, unless you think its impossible to answer or a really bad one. Then you have to change the introduction as well though. There are three sub questions with which you answer the main question; every single one has to include a conclusion, and together form an overall conclusion at the end (just look at the table of contents) with which you answer the main question. I also need a quick (improvised) discussion and bibliography at the end. I need it to be in a pages/word format, so I can make some personal changes if I need to (for example, write a recommendation). So far I have been making use of footnotes and at the end of the document a temporary bibliography with a few links. Change at will. I added both the word/pages document as well as a PDF, if the footnotes disappear. Then you can find it in the PDF. Please also label the pictures like I have in the introduction. Thank you so much!

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