write an annotated bibliography using at least two of the sources you have collected so far. Remember these sources should be primary and peer-reviewed research articles.

Annotate each article individually (your annotation should be substantially different from the author’s abstract). An annotation is approximately 300-500 words. Your annotation should include three distinct sections: summary, analysis, and practical application.

Your annotation should include the following:

    An APA formatted reference citation with a permalink: Along with the APA formatted reference citation (including the DOI number) and the “Permalink” (Document URL) for each article cited. For a brief, 30-second video on how to add the “Permalink” to your assignment, click here. Finally, if you like, you can use Zotero to generate a reference citation for your source.

    Summary: The summary section consists of the following items:
    a.    Practical problem, if any (What did the author identify as the problem of practice, and why is it a problem? Note: not all articles will have a practical problem listed. Also, conceptual/practical problems may not be listed in theoretical articles or literature reviews)

    b.    Conceptual problem (usually something not known)

    c.    Purpose of study

    d.    Theoretical framework, if any

    e.    Methods (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods; type of data collected, data collection approach, description of the sample, justification for method used)

    f.      Key findings (Results section)

    g.    Implications and recommendations (usually in Discussion section)

    h.    Limitations of study, according to the author(s)

    i.      Recommendations for further research, according to authors

    Analysis: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the study. Consider sample size and contribution to the current understanding of the topic. Use concepts from Galvan & Galvan Ch. 6 and 7 (Analyzing Qualitative and Quantitative Research).

    Application: Discuss how the article relates to the topic of your paper. How has it contributed to your understanding of the topic?

    For an example of this assignment, see this sample student paper with a single annotation (Note, yours should include 2, from 2 different articles).

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