Source Analysis

I.ASSIGNMENT: Create a concise thesis sentence that advances your argument. Thoroughly analyze and synthesize sources in support of the conclusion and organize your evidence to parallel the structure of your thesis sentence.
II.PURPOSE: Exercise the ability to provide evidence for your conclusion. Analyze sources to explain how they support your argument and synthesize your findings to provide a foundational premise for your conclusion.
The first paragraph should contain three sentences with a conclusion a general summary of the evidence and thesis statement. The thesis consolidates your argument into one sentence and outlines how your various premises support your conclusion.
Dedicate the bulk of your paper to state how each source advances the conclusion. Analyze your various sources to create a clear and cohesive premise. Paraphrase evidence in your own words and explain how it supports the conclusion. The structure of your evidentiary discussion and order of your sources should parallel the thesis sentence. Work on intermingling your different pieces of evidence to form a coherent premise. You should accomplish this by analogizing sources contrasting sources conducting a cause and correlation analysis and addressing any logical fallacies. Cite each of your sources whether paraphrased or quoted. This portion should include about three paragraphs.
Summarize your work in a final paragraph. Restate your argument in a single and condensed statement. Briefly revisit your findings and generalize how they advance your conclusion. Concisely explain how your conclusion addresses the issue at hand.
Utilize a minimum of 5 sources.
APA typed double-spaced 12-point font Times New Roman Title Page and List of References.
3-3 pages of content in addition to a Title Page and List of References.
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