Sociology of Bodies

This is just like the other papers you wrote. Where there has to be citations from the reading. Also it needs to have like a paragraph of some personal reflections. So citing more of the readings will get a better grade than citing fewer of the readings. The journals are designed as formal 2-page writing assignments in which you respond to the assigned readings. Fill the two pages, cite as much as you can, add in some sociological concepts from lecture.
The 4 reading to choose from are:
Somerville, Scientific Racism and the Invention of the Homosexual Body

Preves,Intersex Narratives

Hale, Whose Body Is This Anyway?

Finney Boylan, Trans Deaths, White Privilege

Clare, Naming and Losing Home

This is just like the other papers that you wrote. Here are the instructions again:

For each short paper, you must write no more than 2 pages (typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins on all sides, 12 pt font) covering the readings in that module as described in the syllabus (i.e., one 2-page paper per module). You need not respond to each reading assigned but you should respond to most readings assigned.  As you become more skilled at these responses, I expect you to make connections between the various articles and across the various topics and connect them to the major sociological schools of thought.  I may also give you questions to think about in class that you could respond to in your journals. In addition to the required 2-page assignments, I also encourage you to write self-reflexive, creative entries (poetry, art or other forms of creative expression are encouraged) about current events and/or your own personal experiences as they relate to things we talk about in class (body image, sports, education, employment, family, etc.). Be creative clip things out of magazines or from online sites, talk about videos or films you see, tell stories from your past experiences, write a review of something youve read or seen in the news or just share your thoughts about what you learned in a lecture.

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